No Filter Chok Chok Kit Pinkish Glass Skin

Gatuline Radiance helps improve skin tone with lightening and brightening active. With regular use, it helps achieve luminous, radiant, pinkish and healthy looking skin.

What’s in the Kit?

No Filter Rejuvenating Toner 60ml- This product cleanses and lightens your skin and helps minimize your pores. It gently exfoliates and helps reduce acne.

No Filter Day Cream with Sunscreen 10g- This product helps protect your skin from sun exposure, while keeping it light, radiant and glowing.

No Filter Nite Cream 10g- This product helps your skin lighten and moisturize, while helps to reduce excess oil that prevent breakouts, keeping your skin healthy and glowing.



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No Filter Chok Chok Kit Pinkish Glass Skin

Power packed skincare trio for radiant skin


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